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Simple TUI frontend for paru or yay

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1.0.7 Feb 14, 2023
1.0.6 Feb 13, 2023
0.1.28 May 22, 2022
0.1.4 Apr 28, 2022

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Simple TUI frontend for paru or yay.


Usage: parui [OPTION]... QUERY
        Search for QUERY in the Arch User Repository.,
           parui -p=yay rustup

               Selects program used to search AUR
               Not guaranteed to work well
               Default: paru
               Print this help and exit


parui adopts vim-like keybinds.

Key Mode Action
<Return> Insert Search for query
<C-w> Insert Removes previous word
<C-c> Both Exits parui
<Escape> Both Switch Modes
i, / Select Enter Insert Mode
<Return> Select Install selected packages
<C-j>, <C-Down> Select Moves info one row down
<C-k>, <C-Up> Select Moves info one row up
h, <Left>, <PgUp> Select Moves one page back
j, <Down> Select Moves one row down
k, <Up> Select Moves one row up
l, <Right>, <PgDn> Select Moves one page forwards
g, <Home> Select Go to start
G, <End> Select Go to end
<Space> Select Select/deselect package
c Select Clear selections
<S-R> Select Remove selected packages
q Select Exits parui


Start Screen Info Info Scrolling Selections


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