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app parui

Simple TUI frontend for paru or yay

43 releases (15 stable)

1.0.18 Apr 29, 2024
1.0.15 Apr 21, 2024
1.0.10 Sep 6, 2023
1.0.9 Aug 26, 2023
0.1.4 Apr 28, 2022

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Simple TUI frontend for paru or yay.


Usage: parui [OPTION]... QUERY
        Search for QUERY in the Arch User Repository.,
           parui -p=yay rustup

               Selects program used to search AUR
               Not guaranteed to work well
               Default: paru
               Print this help and exit


parui adopts vim-like keybinds.

Key Mode Action
<Return> Insert Search for query
<C-w> Insert Removes previous word
<C-c> Both Exits parui
<Escape> Both Switch Modes
i, / Select Enter Insert Mode
<Return> Select Install selected packages
<C-j>, <C-Down> Select Moves info one row down
<C-k>, <C-Up> Select Moves info one row up
h, <Left>, <PgUp> Select Moves one page back
j, <Down> Select Moves one row down
k, <Up> Select Moves one row up
l, <Right>, <PgDn> Select Moves one page forwards
g, <Home> Select Go to start
G, <End> Select Go to end
<Space> Select Select/deselect package
c Select Clear selections
<S-R> Select Remove selected packages
q Select Exits parui


Start Screen Info Info Scrolling Selections


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