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A prefix tree (map and set), implemented without any unsafe

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0.4.1 Apr 7, 2024
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0.3.1 Apr 2, 2024
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0.1.0 Apr 2, 2024

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PFX: A 100% safe, blob-oriented prefix tree

This crate provides a prefix tree map and set data structure, implemented purely in safe Rust.

The API is very similar to std::collections::{HashMap, BTreeMap}, including iteration and an entry API. Iteration proceeds in lexicographical order as determined by the keys.

A notable addition is Prefix search, allowing iteration over all entries whose key starts with a specified prefix.


use pfx::PrefixTreeMap;

fn main() {
    let mut map: PrefixTreeMap<String, u64> = PrefixTreeMap::new();

    map.insert("abc".into(), 123);
    map.insert("def".into(), 456);
    map.insert("defghi".into(), 789);
    assert_eq!(map.get("abc").copied(), Some(123));
    assert_eq!(map.get("abcdef").copied(), None);
    assert_eq!(map.get("ab").copied(), None);

    for (key, value) in map.prefix_iter("de") {
        println!("{key} => {value}");