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Provides ThreadMap structure for accessing PerThread thread local variables from a static context via ThreadMap::for_each.

Notes: If we wanted to do a global accumulator for the per-thread stats we'd need to:

  1. define a counter/stat type. It needs to be Sync to satisfy PerThread/ThreadMap's constraints.
  2. set up a periodic thread/process to enumerate all the stats and accumulate them
  3. give the stat type a Drop implementation which also updates the accumulator, so that stats are recorded when the thread dies (otherwise it loses stats after the last accumulator pass, and short-lived threads may never record stats at all)


use lazy_static::lazy_static;
use perthread::{PerThread, ThreadMap};

// Set up the map of per-thread counters
lazy_static! {
    static ref COUNTERS: ThreadMap<usize> = ThreadMap::default();

// Declare a specific per-thread counter
thread_local! {
    static COUNTER: PerThread<usize> = COUNTERS.register(0);

fn main() {
    COUNTER.with(|c| println!("COUNTER: {:?}", *c));

No runtime deps