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nightly persistentcache

Macros for persistently caching function calls using files or Redis

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persistentcache-rs implements the macros cache! and cache_func! and the procedural macro #[peristent_cache] to cache function calls or entire functions. The implemented storages are persistent and can be shared between processes. Storages either store on disk (FileStorage) or Redis (RedisStorage).

The documentation and examples can be found here.


Here is an example using the #[peristent_cache] procedural macro:

extern crate lazy_static;
extern crate persistentcache;
extern crate persistentcache_procmacro;
use persistentcache::*;
use persistentcache::storage::{FileStorage, RedisStorage};
use persistentcache_procmacro::persistent_cache;

// Either store it in a `FileStorage`...
#[params(FileStorage, "test_dir")]
fn add_two_file(a: u64) -> u64 {
    println!("Calculating {} + 2...", a);
    a + 2

// ... or in a `RedisStorage`
#[params(RedisStorage, "redis://")]
fn add_two_redis(a: u64) -> u64 {
    println!("Calculating {} + 2...", a);
    a + 2

fn main() {
    // Function is called and will print "Calculating 2 + 2..." and "4"
    println!("{}", add_two_file(2));
    // Value will be cached from Redis, will only print "4"
    println!("{}", add_two_file(2));
    // Function is called and will print "Calculating 3 + 2..." and "5"
    println!("{}", add_two_redis(3));
    // Value will be cached from Redis, will only print "5"
    println!("{}", add_two_redis(3));

This will print:

Calculating 2 + 2...
Calculating 3 + 2...


This crate is inspired by owls-cache and its primary goal is to teach myself Rust. While working on it, I realised that a similar crate already exists: cached-rs. I've borrowed a couple of ideas from there. I suggest you have a look at the cached-rs crate, too. Unfortunately it lacks the 'persistent' part and the caches cannot be shared between processes/threads, but it should be fairly easy to extend it. Furthermore, the excellent accel has been very helpful. I shamelessly copied parts of it for the persistentcache_procmacro crate.


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