Persil is a minimal and simple profiling library based on measureme

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Persil is a minimal and simple library for profiling events. It's based on rust's measureme and is just a simple, but powerful layer ontop of measureme.

Getting Started


  • Rust (I don't have any minimun required rust version, just try one of the latest)
  • Tools for reading the serialized data. (See here)
  • Obviously an application that you want to profile.


Add this to your Cargo.toml

persil = "0.1.0"

If you have cargo-edit installed

cargo add persil


See examples for usage.

Analyze the results

To analye and display the results, you can use one of the tools in the measureme repo.

For example to use summarize, just do:

# if you changed the path to the results, use the new path
summarize trace/my_application

For more information checkout the measureme repository.


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