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app packwiz-modlist

Creates a modlist from packwiz

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1.5.1 Jun 24, 2022
1.2.0 Apr 15, 2022

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Packwiz ModList

Creates a modlist from packwiz


cargo install packwiz-modlist


if you run packwizml without any arguments, it will print the output with the default format, you can redirect the output using the -o flag or using > filename


# Displays help
packwizml --help # short: -h

# Prints about this program
packwizml --about

# Sets a project path
# other path options are relative to this by default
# to disable this, add '-O' for output and '-M' for mods
packwizml --path ./ # short: -p

# Sets an output directory
# to disable being relative to '--path' add '-O'
packwizml --output modlist.md # short: -o

# Sets a mods directory
# to disable being relative to '--path' add '-M'
packwizml --mods ./mods # short: -m

# Overwrite output file if it exists
packwizml --force # short: -F

# Prints out all data as json so it can be used in scripts
packwizml --json

# Sets the lagging level
# possible values: Off, Error, Warn, Info, Debug, Trace
# default: Warn
packwizml --log-level=Off # short: -v

# Sets the color mode
# possible values: Auto, Always, Never
# default: Auto
packwizml --color-mode=Auto # short: -c

# Sets a custom format
# default: `- [{NAME}]({URL}) - {DESCRIPTION}\n`
packwizml --format "- [{NAME}]({URL}) - {DESCRIPTION}\n" # short: -f

# Sets how it should sort
# possible values: Name, Title, Slug, Id, None
packwizml --sort-by Name # short: -s

# Sets if sorting should be reverse
packwizml --reverse # short: -r

# Sets the cache file
# default: .packwizml.cache
packwizml --cache .packwizml.cache


Placeholder Description
{INDEX} Gets project index in the list
{NAME}, {TITLE} Gets project name/title
{DESCRIPTION}, {SUMMARY} Gets project description/summary
{URL} Gets project URL
{SLUG} Gets project slug
{ID} Gets project id


Type Description
Name, Title Sorts by project name
Slug Sorts by project slug
Id Sorts by project id
None Undetermined


  • Sorting
  • Use CurseForge official API
  • Automated Tests
  • Packaging outside of cargo
  • Packaging with Completions
  • Caching (to avoid fetching project by url, if same version)
  • Templates (kinda like preset-format)

About Curseforge API

Set CF_API_KEY environment variable


~330K SLoC