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Oxygen Suite is a set of tools made with the Oxygen Game Engine to make assets

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Oxygen Suite

Powered by Rust. A set of tools to easily make games with the Oxygen game engine. Developed by Hampus Avekvist.

Containing a level editor, image editor, audio editor as well as a model editor, this software suite can help you turn your games to life, driven by the Oxygen game engine.

Note that it isn't implemented in any way, yet.

How to contribute

Have Rust setup and clone the repository. Start coding and have fun! I would recommend that you check out the list of issues to see what you could fix, and if you don't find anything interesting there, just go and check out the projects instead.

Otherwise, just issue your own bugs and features with the issue tracker. I'll be sure to check them out and tag them accordingly!

How to use

No part of this is implemented yet so there is nothing to use. If you still want to, just run cargo install oxygen_suite to get the bare-bones programs.

To be implemented

  • Level editor
  • Image editor
  • Model editor
  • Audio editor
  • Script editor


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