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Oxygen Orbit is an API library (for Perlin Noise and more) mainly developed for the Oxygen Game Engine

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0.0.6 Nov 11, 2018
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0.0.4 Nov 6, 2018
0.0.1 Nov 6, 2018

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The API and Algorithms Library

This library will handle all of the API usage that isn't about rendering or audio handling (or any other core API), but handles access to Steam API, as well as will hold some algorithms for Perlin Noise and A* Pathfinding.


It's currently not implemented in any way. It is a low priority part of the Oxygen Engine and will therefore take time before it is actually getting an implementation.

How to contribute

Have Rust setup and clone the repository. Start coding and have fun! I would recommend that you check out the list of issues to see what you could fix, and if you don't find anything interesting there, just go and check out the projects instead.

Otherwise, just issue your own bugs and features with the issue tracker. I'll be sure to check them out and tag them accordingly!


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