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app oxsync

oxsync is a file synchronization tool. It enables fast, local reads with a remote filesystem

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Sync changes from a directory to another

Usage: oxsync.exe [OPTIONS] <SOURCE_DIR> <TARGET_DIR>

  <SOURCE_DIR>  Path of the directory to watch changes from
  <TARGET_DIR>  Path of the directory to write changes to

  -e, --exclude <EXCLUDE>               Exclude file or dir from the <SOURCE_DIR>
      --exclude-temporary-editor-files  Exclude filenames ending with a tilde `~` [aliases: exclude-tmp]
      --ide-mode                        Exclude `.git` and `.idea` dirs + enable the `exclude-temporary-editor-files` option [aliases: ide]
      --statistics                      Get how much time is needed to copy a file [aliases: stats]
      --trace                           Set the log level to trace
  -h, --help                            Print help
  -V, --version                         Print version


oxsync is geared towards enabling fast, local reads with a remote filesystem. The conventional setup advices to initiate with a copy of local files and directories on the remote machine, while the tool monitors and synchronizes the modifications performed when the program is running.


  • Real-time "watch for changes" functionality for near immediate synchronization.
  • CLI interface with intuitive commands.
  • Local copy of remote directories for quick reads.
  • Handle big and small files
  • An "exclude" argument
  • Tested and fully functional on Windows


# Beforehand make sure to have a functional Rust compiler and 
# the Cargo package manager installed
cargo install oxsync


As always, feel free to look at the dependencies of the Cargo.toml file at the root of the repository. It provides a comprehensive list of all the libraries that play a crucial part in the development of this project.


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