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Client to query Oxford Dictionary API

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Oxd is a client library for the Oxford Dictionary API. It provides a series of structs modeling entries returned from the API, a function [get_entry] to get entries from the API, a Display trait to display entries, and a Pronounce trait to play pronunciation files.


First you need to go to the Oxford Dictionary API website to get an application id and a key.

Use as a command line utility

Currently the most convenient way to install oxd is via cargo:

cargo install oxd

After installation, set environment variables OD_API_APP_ID and OD_API_APP_KEY to their corresponding values obtained from the Oxford Dictionary API website. Then just type oxd rust to look up the word "rust".


Use as a library

use oxd::{build_client, get_entry};

let app_id = "your_app_id".to_owned();
let app_key = "your_app_key".to_owned();

let client = build_client(app_id, app_key);
if let Some(retrieve_entry) = get_entry(&client, "rust") {
    println!("{:#?}", retrieve_entry);

License: MIT


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