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Owned singletons

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Owned singletons


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Owned singletons

An owned singleton is a proxy (struct) that grants exclusive access to a static mut variable.


Owned singletons are smaller than &'static mut references; they are zero sized types.

Doesn't sound useful enough to you? The Singleton abstraction can be used to implement statically allocated memory pools whose handles are a single byte in size and are automatically deallocated on drop.


The Singleton attribute creates a proxy (struct) for the given static mut variable and implements the Singleton, Deref, DerefMut and StableDerefs traits for it.

use owned_singleton::Singleton;

static mut FOO: u32 = 0;

let mut foo = unsafe { FOO::new() };
assert_eq!(*foo, 0);
*foo += 1;
assert_eq!(*foo, 1);

let bar: &'static mut u32 = foo.unwrap();
assert_eq!(*bar, 1);

The Singleton attribute doesn't implement the Send or Sync traits by default; this results in a proxy struct that does not implement Send or Sync. To opt into the Send and Sync traits add the Send and Sync arguments to the Singleton attribute.

use owned_singleton::Singleton;

#[Singleton(Send, Sync)]
static mut FOO: u32 = 0;

fn is_send<T>() where T: Send {}
fn is_sync<T>() where T: Sync {}


Using Singleton on a static variable results in DerefMut not being implemented for the proxy struct. However, the proxy struct will still be a handle to a static mut variable so there's no Sync requirement on the type of the static mut variable.

use std::marker::PhantomData;

use owned_singleton::Singleton;

// `PhantomData<*const ()>` does not implement `Send` or `Sync`
static FOO: PhantomData<*const ()> = PhantomData;


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