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OTC - Oh My Posh Theme Chooser!

(currently only Windows!)


cargo install otc
alternative Installation

Potential Dependencies:

Other Method

git clone https://github.com/nrdrch/otc.git
cd otc
cargo build --release
  • Preferably move the executable from target/release into a directory in your 'Path' enviorment variable for easy execution.

Option Description Example
--list-themes, -ls List Themes otc -ls
--update-omp, -u Update OMP including themes otc -u
--choose-theme, -ch Choose theme by name otc -ch bubblesextra
--add-newtheme, -a Add a theme to the list otc -a "Name" "/Path/to/theme"
-help, -h Display help otc -h

further explanation


  • This lists all available themes in the default OMP Path.
  • Additionally the themes in WindowsPowerShell\ompthemes, that get created by using --add-newtheme.

For easier usage and overview, the themes get trimmed of thier file extension before listing.

command alias: -ls

otc --list-themes 


  • This will update OMP using winget.
  • As well as sync the themes again with thier Github, making sure all changes get applied.

command alias: -u

otc --update-omp


  • In this example, we select the theme "amro" to be our new theme.
  • This will overwrite the file named "custom.*" with the amro theme, thus selecting it as current theme.
    • Other than isolating added and default themes, this means in the PowerShellProfile, only the file named "custom" has to be imported as theme.

Don't include file extensions when choosing as well. This will also choose from the newly created themes.

command alias: -ch

otc --choose-theme amro

Add New

  • The first example creates a new theme called "amroedit" from the current theme.
  • The second example, creates a theme called "test" and includes a path to the theme.

As mentioned before, the themes get saved to WindowsPowerShell\ompthemes

command alias: -a

otc --add-newtheme amroedit


otc --add-newtheme test "path\to\themefile.extension"


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