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Convert OpenStreetMap changeset dumps to CSV

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Convert OpenStreetMap Changeset files to CSV files

Getting data

Changeset file can be downloaded at: https://planet.openstreetmap.org/planet/changesets-latest.osm.bz2

Download a changeset dump (~6 GiB as of July 2023)

$ aria2c --seed-time 0 https://planet.openstreetmap.org/planet/changesets-latest.osm.bz2.torrent


cargo install osmchangesets2csv


osmchangesets2csv -i ~/osm-data/changesets-230717.osm.bz2 -o /dev/stdout

As of July 2023, this takes about 30 minutes to run on my desktop computer.

Sample output

changeset_id created closed uid user open num_changes comments_count created_by comment source imagery_used
1000006 2009-04-28T07:29:57Z 2009-04-28T08:29:57Z 33757 Minh Nguyen false 35 0 Potlatch 0.11
1000007 2009-04-28T07:30:00Z 2009-04-28T07:30:02Z 105730 Wetzi false 8 0 JOSM meine falsche Eintragung entfernt
1000008 2009-04-28T07:30:01Z 2009-04-28T08:30:01Z 9250 j3m false 0 0 Potlatch 0.11
1000009 2009-04-28T07:30:07Z 2009-04-28T07:30:09Z 35074 mikeltxo false 8 0 JOSM/1.5 (1546 en) Eibar
1000010 2009-04-28T07:30:07Z 2009-04-28T07:30:19Z 28145 amillar false 26 0 JOSM/1.5 (1561 en) tiger cleanup
1000011 2009-04-28T07:30:21Z 2009-04-28T07:30:22Z 7008 elsevilla false 2 0 JOSM modif-4tcinturo
1000012 2009-04-28T07:30:22Z 2009-04-28T08:30:22Z 45347 eriosw false 14 0 Potlatch 0.11
1000013 2009-04-28T07:30:24Z 2009-04-28T08:30:24Z 33640 kaakeli false 0 0 Potlatch 0.11
1000014 2009-04-28T07:30:33Z 2009-04-28T07:30:38Z 24748 mabapla false 25 0 JOSM/1.5 (1561 de) Feldwege südl. Mittelstadt
1000015 2009-04-28T07:30:37Z 2009-04-28T08:30:37Z 14022 ressu false 0 0 Potlatch 0.11

Column formats

Control column output with -c/--columns.



This software isn't finished, here's what I'd like to add. Feel free to send a patch

  • Write to compressed output (Gzip & Bzip2). Also in a separate thread too
  • Read (& uncompress) input file in a separate thread. This multiprocessing should make things faster.
  • Query the OSM.org servers for current status, and update the CSV. e.g. close exisiting changesets, and add new one. The Dump is only once a week.

Examples of it being used

  • Your project here!


Copyright 2022, GNU Affero General Public Licence (AGPL) v3 or later. Source code is on Github.

The output file should be viewed as a Derived Database of the OpenStreetMap database, and hence under the ODbL 1.0 licence, the same as the OpenStreetMap copyright


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