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(pronounced "auras")


This is an Order Revealing Encryption (ORE) library written in Rust and based on the Block-ORE Encryption scheme developed by Lewi-Wu in 2016.

It makes the following improvements on the original scheme:

  • Use of a Knuth (Fisher-Yates) Shuffle for the PRP (instead of a Feistel Network which was found to be insecure for small domains (see Bogatov et al)
  • Exclusive use of AES as a Random Oracle
  • Pipeline optimisations, for higher throughput
  • Both SIMD and Neon intrinsic support for x86_64 and ARM
  • Inclusion of the block number in block prefixes, to avoid repeated prefixes

Usage Documentation

Reference documentation is on docs.rs/ore-rs.

Need help?

Head over to our support forum, and we'll get back to you super quick!

Build, Test and Bench

To build, run:

cargo build

To test, run:

cargo test

To run the benchmarks, run:

cargo bench

Example benchmark results below:


ARMv8 and M1 Support

ARMv8 and M1 Macs work out of the box but will default to AES in software which is around 4x slower than AES-NI (at least on the test machine using an Intel i7 8700K).

To take advantage of hardware AES using NEON Intrinsics on ARM, you need to use Rust nightly.

asdf install rust nightly
asdf local rust nightly
cargo +nightly bench

Security Warning

This package is a pre-1.0 release and has not yet had significant scrutiny (although ORE generally has been quite well studied). We are planning to have a 3rd party audit performed prior to the release of 1.0.

In the mean-time: Use at your own risk!

1.0 Roadmap

  • External Audit
  • Simpler ciphertext internals (which should improve performance)
  • Further constant time improvements
  • Additional block sizes
  • Trinary indicator function support (avoids needing to store left-ciphertexts)


ore.rs is available under the CipherStash Client Library Licence Agreement.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, shall be licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.


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