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archived ore-encoding-rs

Plaintext encoding to prepare terms for encryption by ore.rs

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0.23.3 May 3, 2022
0.1.0 Jan 29, 2022

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This is a companion package to ore.rs that can generate and manipulate u64 plaintexts before they are encrypted by ore.rs. Being able to manipulate the intermediate representation of a term is critical for implementing range queries.

Currently a OrePlaintext<u64> can be generated from f64, f32, u64 (no-op), u32, u16, u8 and bool.

Additional functionality is provided for creating OreRange<u64> instances.


  • Implement support for generating u64 plaintexts from Unix timestamps with a user-determined resolution (e.g. years, months, days, etc).

Usage Documentation

Reference documentation is on docs.rs/ore-encoding-rs.

Build, Test and Bench

To build, run:

cargo build

To test, run:

cargo test


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