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The Rust API client for KittyCAD.


You can trigger a build with the GitHub action to generate the client. This will automatically update the client to the latest version based on the spec at spec.json.

Alternatively, if you wish to generate the client locally, run:

$ make generate


Please do not change the code directly since it is generated. PRs that change the code directly will be automatically closed by a bot.

Releasing a new version

  1. Make sure the VERSION.txt has the new version you want to release.
  2. Make sure you have run make generate and pushed any changes. The release will fail if running make generate causes any changes to the generated code.
  3. Run make tag this is just an easy command for making a tag formatted correctly with the version.
  4. Push the tag (the result of make tag gives instructions for this)
  5. Everything else is triggered from the tag push. Just make sure all the tests pass on the main branch before making and pushing a new tag.


A library for generating rust client sdks from OpenAPI specs.


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