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Implementation of Conway's Game of Life using open-oak as the front-end and conlife as the backend

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open-oak-game-of-life is an implementation of Conway's Game of Life (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conway's_Game_of_Life) using conlife as the backend, and open-oak to render the front-end.

You provide the width and height of the grid, as well as the starting configuration, and it will open a window and run the simulation in real-time. The window can be closed by pressing Escape.


The simplest way to install is to run cargo install open-oak-game-of-life. Alternatively, you can clone this repository and build it from source: cargo build --release. Then you will find the compiled binary in target/release/open-oak-game-of-life.


Run open-oak-game-of-life --help to see the required arguments. If you provide just these, you will be greeted with an empty grid. To actually do something, you should provide the program with a starting configuration. To do so, use the -o or --object flag. The syntax is -o filename,xoffset,yoffset, for example -o objects/glider.life,31,27. This flag would load a glider object onto the grid at the position (31, 27). Object should be defined in .life files. Users can look at the example files in objects/ to get an idea of how to specify their own custom objects, or they can refer to the conlife documentation


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