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bin+lib oozz

A CLI program that takes input and renders it in an ANSI art font, and adds some colored oozz

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A CLI program that takes text and renders it in an ANSI art font, and adds some colored oozz.


This program relies heavily on VT100 ANSI escape codes so your terminal would have to support this. The output is intended for modern unicode terminals but works in the virtual console, so long as the font has the required glyphs (box drawing characters).


Rust, and Cargo is required, and oozz can be installed using cargo like so:

cargo install oozz

Or alternatively, you can build a release binary,

cargo build --release

Then place said binary, located at target/release/oozz, somewhere on your $path.


Basic usage would be calling oozz and the remaining input is treated as a string

oozz some text

Supported characters are currently:

  • a-z
  • 0-9
  • . ! ' " _ $ /


  • -c --color: change the color of the 'oozz', to one of the 8 colors supported by your terminal. Valid values are one of black|red|green|yellow|blue|magenta|cyan|white
  • -b --bold: use the bold variant of the chosen color.
  • -C --center center output horizontally on screen, if possible.


Requires Rust and Cargo installed on system, and can be built like this:

cargo build

An optional requirement would be Recode, a charset converter tool. The artwork files comes in two flavours, *.ans and *.latin1, both filetypes are tracked in the repo but if you for some reason want to change the artwork, Recode is used for the conversion between the filetypes. Just edit something and run:


I use PabloDraw to draw the ANSI art, and save the files in .ans format that uses CP437 encoding. The makefile does the conversion to latin1 as well as a search and replace that sets the bold flag for all the letters.


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