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Execute a command periodically, showing the output only when it changes

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ogle is a program that runs the given command-line periodically, showing the output only when it is different than the last.

The simplest way to show most of the features of ogle is by asking it to run date; sleep in a shell, with a waiting period of 3s:


Lines that were written by ogle all start with =>. On the first execution, ogle shows a spinner while the command is running. On the next executions, ogle shows a progress bar, where the total corresponds to the duration of the previous execution. The sleep time is also shown, as a countdown. If the command returns an error to the shell, the error value is displayed.


If you're a Rust programmer, ogle can be installed with cargo:

$ cargo install ogle

If you're a Debian user, ogle is available in packagecloud. Follow these instruction to use the package repository.


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