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A Rust wrapper library for devkitPro's libogc

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0.1.1 Jul 9, 2022
0.1.0 Dec 16, 2021

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A Rust wrapper library for devkitPro's libogc.

See the Wii testing project for instructions on how to use this library.


This repository is organized as follows:

  • ogc-rs: Safe, idiomatic wrapper around ogc-sys.
  • ogc-sys: Low-level, unsafe bindings to libogc.


See LICENSE for more details.



ogc-rs is a safe, idiomatic wrapper around ogc-sys.

ogc-rs provides many features from libogc such as:

  • network: Provides TCP networking for the Wii.
  • audio: Provides functions for audio on the Wii.
  • fs: Provides functions for manipulating the filesystem on the Wii.
  • system: Provides OS functions for the Wii.
  • console: Provides console functions for the Wii.
  • input: Provides an interface for reading input from devices on the Wii.
  • video: Provides functions for video output on the Wii.
  • gx: Provides an opengl-like interface for rendering on the Wii.

ogc-rs also provides runtime functions and an allocator for no_std environments.


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