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A low-level FFI wrapper around the Persistent Memory Development Kit, PMDK (formerly NVML) and its libraries, including libpmem, libpmemobj and others. Currently tracks master after version 1.3.1.

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0.0.6 Jan 5, 2018
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0.0.2 May 9, 2017
0.0.1 Apr 24, 2017

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Contains (obscure autoconf code, 50KB) lib/pmdk/src/jemalloc/configure.ac, (obscure autoconf code, 1KB) lib/musl-fts/configure.ac


nvml-sys is a rust crate that provides a low-level FFI wrapper around the Persistent Memory Devleopment Kit, PMDK (formerly NVML) and its libraries, including libpmem and libpmemobj amongst others.

This library currently tracks the next development version after 1.3.1.

Bindings are created for the following libraries:-

  • libpmem
  • libpmemblk
  • libpmemcto (experimental)
  • libpmemlog
  • libpmemobj (although it is not possible to support transactions as they using setjmp).
  • librpmem, but it is not statically linked as this pulls in the monstrosity which is libfabric. This library, as of May 2017, is not production ready;
  • libpmempool

Bindings are not created for:-

  • libvmem
  • libvmmalloc, an alternative malloc using persistent memory, which is deprecated (and almost impossible to use from Rust in any event). PMDK recommend the use of the memkind library instead.


The license for this project is MIT.