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[](This file is part of syscall-alt. It is subject to the license terms in the COPYRIGHT file found in the top-level directory of this distribution and at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lemonrock/syscall-alt/master/COPYRIGHT. No part of syscall-alt, including this file, may be copied, modified, propagated, or distributed except according to the terms contained in the COPYRIGHT file.) [](Copyright © 2016 The developers of syscall-alt. See the COPYRIGHT file in the top-level directory of this distribution and at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lemonrock/syscall-alt/master/COPYRIGHT.)


syscall-alt is a rust crate that provides inline assembler (asm! macro) definitions of syscalls for some Linux platforms. It also includes:-

  • An enum defining common Linux syscalls;
  • Some minor wrapper logic to make straightforward to work with syscalls.
  • Correct Syscall / Posix error codes ('E'), eg EINVAL
    • Linux:-
      • These differ slightly on MIPS and PowerPC
      • MIPS64 is the same as MIPS
      • PowerPC64 is the same as PowerPC
      • PowerPC is nearly identical to x86_64 bar EDEADLOCK:-
        • PowerPC is the only platform on which EDEADLOCK != EDEADLK (so watch out when using match)
      • MIPS is very different to x86_64
        • But it has exactly the same set of E numbers
  • SYS call numbers and E numbers are available for every arch, eg if you want to know them for arm, but are compiled for x86_64, they are available
    • Watch out if using EDEADLOCK, EDEADLCK, ENOTSUP and EOPNOTSUPP; these vary in definition and value, sometimes being missing, sometimes being equal
    • Take a little care with EWOULDBLOCK and EAGAIN; all current platforms make EWOULDBLOCK the same as EAGAIN, but this isn't required by POSIX
  • A windows stub, which contains EAGAIN, etc, as defined on Windows (but no syscall numbers)

The code is very much 'early-days', so expect breaking changes.

This crate is #[!no_std], and does not require the std library or the libc crate



The license for this project is AGPL.

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