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the cli client for wiretapper.nvim

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wiretapper.nvim is a small plugin that lets you send keys to a remote neovim instance over TCP. The intended purpose is near zero latency pair programming sessions with people in your local network but if you find a different use case more power to you.

what does it do

  • Low latency keyboard input transfer over a network
  • Basic authentication through passwords

what doesn't it do

  • Share buffers or file contents to clients, only keyboard input is sent over the wire
  • Keep logs of who sent what when, input tractability is fundamentally not a concern of this project

plugin installation


    use 'https://gitlab.com/Jackboxx/wiretapper'



client installation

cargo install nvim-wiretapper-client # or grab a Linux binary from 'https://gitlab.com/Jackboxx/wiretapper/-/releases'

how to use it


Start sharing your current neovim session as a server by running

lua require('wiretapper').start()

When you're done you can close the server by running

lua require('wiretapper').close()


To connect to a server running on the default port (8181) on the IP address run the following and start typing as if you were in a neovim buffer

nvim-wiretapper-client -H

If the server has a password run the following

nvim-wiretapper-client -H -P "my-amazing-password"

how to configure it

-- all available config options
    session = {
        port = 8181,
        max_clients = 256,
    auth = {
        password = nil, -- set to a string (e.g "my-amazing-password") to enable password authentication


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