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nightly sys nvidia-video-codec-sys

FFI bindings to NVIDIA Video Codec

1 unstable release

Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.0 Jun 3, 2017

MIT license

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NVIDIA Video Codec SDK bindings


It is a simple binding and safe abstraction over the nvidia video codec sdk.


The bindings are generated using the headers and libraries that ought to be present in the system.

By default the headers are looked up on /opt/cuda/include and /opt/nvidia-video-codec/include and the libraries are assumed to be present in the default path (and provided by the driver).

It is possible to override the search paths for the headers by setting the environment variables CUDA_INCLUDE_PATH and NVIDIA_VIDEO_CODEC_INCLUDE_PATH.

A convenience repackaging of the cuvid and nvenc headers is available and known to work fine with the bindings.


  • Simple bindings

    • cuda
    • cuvid
    • nvenc
  • Safe abstraction

    • support cuda
    • support cuvid
    • support nvenc
  • Examples

    • simple decode
    • simple encode

No runtime deps

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