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Secure password store highly resistant to brute-force attacks.

Implements ideas from both blockchain and proof of work for creating a password repository and hashing repository password.


cargo install nv


  • cat - print contents of file to terminal
  • cd - change current working directory
  • changepwd - change repository password
  • clear - clear the current screen
  • cp - copy contents of file to clipboard
  • gen - generate random password and save to path
  • info - print password repository information
  • ls - list all files in directory
  • mkdir - create a directory
  • pwd - print current working directory
  • rm - remove file or directory
  • set - write file contents from secret prompt
  • setcp - write file contents from clipboard and clear clipboard
  • vi - insecure file access that leaks files to your /tmp


In contrary to a combination of password and mnemonic, if you remember your password it is possible to brute-force the mnemonic by design.

If you don't want to be able to brute-force the mnemonic just use more seed bytes with -b flag.

Seed possibilites are 256^b where b is amount of seed bytes. Using one additional byte brings security up significantly.

It is safe enough to use four seed bytes with three seed words but nearly impossible to cheaply brute-force in case of loss.

Two seed words create higher level of security against brute-force attacks and are still possible to brute-force in case of loss.


Security is a combination of parameters: difficulty, round and seed-bytes.

It is possible to cleverly manage those in order to make it harder to brute-force and faster to use at the same time.

The most important parameter is -r, --round which increases amount of work required both for attackers and access.


Uses zbox file system with Cipher::Xchacha.


  • Zero-knowledge
  • Zero-guarantees (backup your password repository)


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