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The only h@xor tool you will ever need 🥷. Made by Neosb under MIT license, so open source 👩🏻‍💻 and free 💸. Extend with Kali Linux and Debian packages indefinietly 🚀, run under Docker where you please 🐳


Docker && Git && few GB of disk space. Will run on older machines. For details see Docker Desktop and Git

!!! Windows, is not yet supported. If you can, run in Windows Subsytem for Linux.


cargo install nutek

or from Github release where you will find the source code and binaries for Unix.


🥷 nutek

🥷 nutek -h - short story

🥷 nutek --help - extended help with list of items you can use in your vulnerablity research


if you want to simply start your own package like this one, try to use FROM kalilinux/kali-rolling:latest or FROM neosb/nutek-base:latest and extend as you wish. You will lose all your Nutek benefits, but would break free from my vision. Proceed like with any other Dockerfile and look for inspiration @Kali Tools

Available tools

  • 🥷 Kali Linux & Debian
  • 🥷 recent2
  • 🥷 curl & wget
  • 🥷 Python 3.10
  • 🥷 Perl 5
  • 🥷 PayloadsAllTheThings, Payloads & SecLists in /root/.nutek/ & in your OS home directory .nutek/ folder (mapped at runtime)
  • 🥷 mitmproxy
  • 🥷 Ncat
  • 🥷 Neovim
  • 🥷 w3m
  • 🥷 hURL
  • 🥷 nmap & smap
  • 🥷 git
  • 🥷 Feroxbuster
  • 🥷 Gobuster
  • 🥷 tcpdump
  • 🥷 vulscan
  • 🥷 Xh
  • 🥷 SQLmap
  • 🥷 bing-search
  • 🥷 nslookup & dig
  • 🥷 arti (TOR)
  • 🥷 ssh server on port 7746 (you need to open it with --ports 8080,7746)
  • 🥷 openvpn

TOR (onion router)

Recently, TOR, has released arti Rust crate that is connection to TOR network. Not all features are yet available, but this is a good starting point.

Check if arti is running with ps aux | grep arti, if there is a line with arti proxy at the end, it's all set, if not, run arti proxy & or arti proxy > /dev/null 2>&1 & to supress the output and set this environment variables in windows where you wish to use TOR:

  • export http_proxy=socks5://
  • export https_proxy=socks5://
  • export no_proxylocalhost,
  • export ftp_proxy=socks5://

Common pitfalls

If you have an error message like this Bind for failed: port is already allocated., use --ls switch to determine which container you should --remove-old container_id/name

When you type --arguments, don't forget the quotes -a "--my-arg hihi"

If you want to have autocompletion and other useful tools in NeoVim carefully read when you run for the first time new piece of code. To trigger the automcomplete, you have to run a file with proper extension. For Python .py, for Perl .pl, for Rust .rs, for JavaScript .js, for TypeScript .ts, for HTML .html, for CSS .css. Always install what the program want to have and you will have wonderful time writing your own programs.

Whetever you're stuck in a long process, or did something that hang up your terminal, try ctrl+c or ctrl_+_d - it might help. To exit from NeoVim you type esc then : followed by q and w to write or ! to simply shred to bits. You might also try running Nutek in separate terminal window/tab with --stop container_name switch, or using docker command docker stop container-name. Find the name of a container with Nutek's --ls or docker equivalent docker ps -a

To update vulscan cd /usr/share/nmap/scripts/vulscan && chmod 744 update.sh && ./update.sh. To update any of your Payloads, PayloadsAllTheThings or SecLists, from it's folder git pull origin main --rebase or git pull origin master --rebase. It will contact Github for the newest version and fetch it right to your doors.


This program is build using Visual Studio Code editor & Rust programming language. The goal I wish to achieve is to stay as simple and minimalistic as I can be

git clone https://github.com/phoenix-journey/nutek.git cargo test


Szymon Bronisław Błaszczyński @museyoucoulduse Neosb






✅ Add Rust & ✅ Go & ✅ Node.js (JavaScript/TypeScript) programming languages

✅ Install extensions for Python, Perl, Rust and Go & JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, CSS using vim-plug and Conquer of Completion ❌ also C and C++ in Neovim - can't be done without user interaction ✅ Add Github Copilot to Neovim - open nvim, get into insert mode [Esc] and type :Copilot setup then press [Enter] - learn more by typing :help copilot. Github Copilot is 3 months free-trial if you provide your credit card data to Github. I recommend to create an account on Github and use your first 3 months on learning to code. You can find some e-books here: free programming books

✅ Add vulscan for nmap

✅ Sniff network traffic with tcpdump

✅ Add bing-search

❌ Add raccoon & make a program to copy it's results to .nutek directory - I think, user should not rely in automatic scanners as broad as this one, but I will study it's inner workings to look for more recon tools

✅ git clone payloads and seclists to .nutek folder

✅ Explore nutek-core:large to find candidates for expansion

☑️ Focus inside terminal window and web browser in the background

☑️ Get insvolved in bug bounty to explore developer opportunities

☑️ Fine tune Nutek commands, so you can explore based on it's help and output

✅ Write tutorials aka manuals for these tools. From my perispective 👩🏻‍💻 and publish on my website

☑️ Use some Rust Docker crate to make Nutek run with less issues




~257K SLoC