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The current version of num-traits is 0.2.19.

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This crate can be compiled, run, and tested on a local workstation or in controlled automation without surprising consequences. More…

does-not-implement-crypto (implies crypto-safe)

Inspection reveals that the crate in question does not attempt to implement any cryptographic algorithms on its own.

Note that certification of this does not require an expert on all forms of cryptography: it's expected for crates we import to be "good enough" citizens, so they'll at least be forthcoming if they try to implement something cryptographic. When in doubt, please ask an expert.

Implied by other criteria

All crypto algorithms in this crate have been reviewed by a relevant expert.

Note: If a crate does not implement crypto, use does-not-implement-crypto, which implies crypto-safe, but does not require expert review in order to audit for.

safe-to-deploy (implies safe-to-run)

This crate will not introduce a serious security vulnerability to production software exposed to untrusted input. More…


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The current version of num-traits is 0.2.19.

0.2.14 (older version) Rating: Positive Thoroughness: Medium Understanding: Medium

by kaiserkarel on 2022-01-17

No backdoors etc found, mainly looked at risks for supply-chain attacks.

0.2.14 (older version) Rating: Neutral Thoroughness: None Understanding: Low

by inflation on 2021-11-08

Used by almost everyone

0.2.11 (older version) Rating: Positive Thoroughness: Medium Understanding: High

by HeroicKatora on 2020-04-29

With a prior parsing bug fixed and Rust soon stabilizing floating point to integer conversion without UB the previous reservations no longer hold. It looks stable as is and doesn't attempt anything far fetched.

0.2.11 (older version) Rating: Positive Thoroughness: None Understanding: High

by niklasf on 2020-01-18

num-traits provides traits for writing code generic over numeric types and implementations for built-in numeric types. I exclusively reviewed unsafe code.

num-traits uses some instances of unsafe code. Each unsafe block has a comment explaining why it is required and why it is sound. The blocks are easy to understand and check locally.

0.2.6 (older version) Rating: Positive Thoroughness: Low Understanding: Low

Approved without comment by Canop on 2019-07-05

0.1.43 (older version) Rating: Positive Thoroughness: Medium Understanding: Medium

by on 2019-08-23

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Nothing but a re-export of num-traits 0.2 has been able to verify that all files in the crate's tarball are in the crate's repository with a git tag matching the version. Please note that this check is still in beta, and absence of this confirmation does not mean that the files don't match.

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