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Board support crate for the ST L011K4-NUCLEO

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0.1.1 Nov 4, 2018

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This crate implements a BSP for the ST NUCLEO-L011K4 development board. It is intended to ease development while relieving the programmer of tracking peripheral and pin combinations, as well as providing helper methods for instantiating peripherals.

An example of crate usage can be found in src/main.rs


Building this (and the dependent crates) requires a nightly compiler.


STM L031K6-Nucleo board support

This crate provides convenience methods for working with the L031K6-Nucleo development board, and is intended to serve as a kind of example for how a board support crate might work. Under the hood, it ties pin function together with peripheral instantiation. Peripherals take as arguments, and subsequently own, the pins they're attached to. This speeds development considerably, and reduces a lot of boilerplate setup code.

You can find a basic working example in [main.rs].


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