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NNSplit Rust Bindings

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Fast, robust sentence splitting with bindings for Python, Rust and Javascript and pretrained models for English and German.


Add NNSplit as a dependency to your Cargo.toml:

# ...
nnsplit = "<version>"
# ...


use nnsplit::NNSplit;

fn main() -> failure::Fallible<()> {
    let splitter = NNSplit::new("en")?;

    let input = vec!["This is a test This is another test."];
    println!("{:#?}", splitter.split(input));


Models for German (NNSplit::new("de")) and English (NNSplit::new("en")) come prepackaged with NNSplit. Alternatively, you can also load your own model with NNSplit::from_model(model: tch::CModule).


Run cargo test to test the NNSplit Rust Bindings. The NNSplit Rust Bindings also come with a simple example which splits the text passed via a CLI.

cargo run --example cli -- <text> <language>

for example:

cargo run --example cli -- "This is a test This is another test." en

You can run a benchmark of the Rust Bindings with cargo bench.


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