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A tool to split text using a neural network. For sentence boundary detection, compound splitting and more.

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A tool to split text using a neural network. The main application is sentence boundary detection, but e. g. compound splitting for German is also supported.


  • Robust: Not reliant on proper punctuation, spelling and case. See the metrics.
  • Small: NNSplit uses a byte-level LSTM, so weights are small (< 4MB) and models can be trained for every unicode encodable language.
  • Portable: NNSplit is written in Rust with bindings for Rust, Python, and Javascript (Browser and Node.js). See how to get started in the usage section.
  • Fast: Up to 2x faster than Spacy sentencization, see the benchmark.
  • Multilingual: NNSplit currently has models for 7 different languages (German, English, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, Turkish). Try them in the demo.

Documentation has moved to the NNSplit website: https://bminixhofer.github.io/nnsplit.


NNSplit is licensed under the MIT license.


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