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nightly ngram_iter

An iterator of arbitrary N-grams of rust Copy types

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0.1.0 Jun 29, 2022

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NGram Iterator

I wasn't pleased with any of the NGram iteration crates, so I implemented my own. This makes use of const generics to determine the length of the NGram at compile-time, and supports iteration over arbitrary types.


Out of the box, char, &str, and any Option type are supported:

use ngram_iter as ngram;
use ngram::WORD_JOINER;
// char
let mut chars: ngram::Iter<char, _, 3> = "1234".chars().into();
assert_eq!(chars.next(), Some([WORD_JOINER, '1', '2']));
assert_eq!(chars.next(), Some(['2', '3', '4']));
assert_eq!(chars.next(), Some(['4', WORD_JOINER, WORD_JOINER]));
// str
let values = vec!["one", "two"];
let mut iter: ngram::Iter<&str, _, 2> = values.iter().map(|s| *s).into();
//                 Vec<&str>::iter yields &&str, so deref ^^^^^^ to &str
assert_eq!(iter.next(), Some(["\u{2060}", "one"]));
// Option types
let values = vec![Some(1), Some(2)];
let mut iter: ngram::Iter<_, _, 2> = values.iter().map(|v| *v).into();
assert_eq!(iter.next(), Some([None, Some(1)]));

Arbitrary types

Support for arbitrary Copy types are supported.

use ngram_iter as ngram;
#[derive(Debug, PartialEq, Clone, Copy)]
enum MyType {
    SomeData {
        x: i32,
        y: i32,
use MyType::*;

impl ngram::Iterable for MyType {
    fn bumper_item() -> Self {

let values = vec![MyType::SomeData{x: 1, y: 2}, NoData, MyType::SomeData{x: 3, y: 4}, MyType::SomeData{x: 5, y: 6}];
let mut iter: ngram::Iter<_, _, 2> = values.iter().map(|it| *it).into();
assert_eq!(iter.next(), Some([NoData, MyType::SomeData{x: 1, y: 2}]));
assert_eq!(iter.next(), Some([MyType::SomeData{x: 1, y: 2}, NoData]));
assert_eq!(iter.next(), Some([NoData, MyType::SomeData{x: 3, y: 4}]));
assert_eq!(iter.next(), Some([MyType::SomeData{x: 3, y: 4}, MyType::SomeData{x: 5, y: 6}]));
assert_eq!(iter.next(), Some([MyType::SomeData{x: 5, y: 6}, NoData]));


This crate doesn't yet support completely arbitrary types. NGrams must be composed of Copy types. Advice and/or implementation of an idiomatic way to implement this for arbitrary Clone types is welcome.


None known. Please report any issues you encounter.

Regarding the Use of Unsafe Code

This library makes use of unsafe and unstable elements of the Rust language. If you're uncomfortable with the use of unsafe code, please seek an alternative implementation, or contribute a safe implementation which exists only behind a non-default feature. If you're unable to make use of unstable features, please be patient until these features are stabilized, recommend a way to implement the relevant code in stable rust without a performance impact (or contribute an implementation with a performance impact, but behind a non- default feature-flag), or seek an alternative implementation.



This library is LGPLv3.

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