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Public API for the Neutron Astroport Reward Distributor contract

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Neutron Astroport Reward Distributor

This contract holds funds in the form of vault tokens and distributes the underlying assets to an address as rewards. The current version of this contract assumes that the reward vault base token is an Astroport LP token.


All scripts are contained in the scripts directory. Below follows short descriptions of their use and intended purpose.

  • bpsync.sh - Copies branch protection rules from one (GitHub) repo and branch to another. By default targets the repo that contains it, so that running it without modifications copies the rules from this repo (apollo-template). Run the script without arguments for usage instructions.
  • install-git-hooks.sh - As the name implies, installs git hooks in the current repo. The git hooks installed are the pre-commit and commit-msg hooks. These hooks perform checks/modifications locally that are required to make checks pass on the remote, typically before merging a pull request.
  • pre-commit.sh - The script which is copied and used as the pre-commit hook. Can be run manually.
  • todo-lint.sh - Finds and reports uses of "TODO" (in varying case) in comments and elsewhere in files with associated file extensions (see script source code for specifics).

GitHub Actions

Below follows short descriptions for the CI workflows included in the repository.

  • Conventional commit check (cc.yml) - Checks commit message headers in commit history on pull request to master and ensures that they adhere to the Conventional Commits specification.
  • Check for errors (check.yml) - Runs cargo check to check for errors.
  • Test Coverage (coverage.yml) - Checks test code coverage using tarpaulin.
  • Check licenses and sources (licenses.yml) - Runs cargo-deny to check for incompatible licenses, security advisories, among other things
  • Linting and formatting (lint-format.yml) - An assortment of linting and formatting tools to ensure the code base is consistent, clean and maintainable.
  • Test Suite (test.yml) - A suite of unit and integration tests.


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