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Role a nice dice (or [n|d]ice?)

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ndice is a cli dice roller and dice-rolling library.

Dices are writen in the format ${number}${exploding}d{$sides}, e.g. 1d6 means 1 six-sided dice. There's no limit to sides so a non-existing dice like 1d13 can be rolled.

  • Each space-speparated argument is counted as one dice notation.
  • Dices can be mixed, so ndice 1d6 2d8 4d10 works.
  • Invalid arguments are ignored.


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Download a pre-compiled binary from the release page


Install with cargo:

$ cargo install ndice

Usage (CLI)

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$ ndice [dice]


# Roll 1 six-sided dice
$ ndice 1d6
Rolled: ["d6 => 1"]
Result: 1
# Roll 2 8 sided dice and 2 four sided dice
$ ndice 2d8 2d4
Rolled: ["d8 => 6", "d8 => 3", "d4 => 1", "d4 => 1"]
Result: 11

Exploding dice

An exploding dice is a dice that is re-rolled when the highest possible value is rolled.

To roll a exploding dice use ed instead of d as argument.

  • 1d6 -> normal d6
  • 1ed6 -> exploding d6


A positive or negative modifier can be added to each dice.

  • 1d6+2 -> add +2 to the result of rolling a d6
  • 1d20-4 -> subtract 4 from the result of rolling a d20

Usage (Library)

ndice can be used as library.

Add the library to Cargo.toml

ndice = 1.0

Optional JSON features can be enabled with a flag.

ndice = { version = "1.0", features = ["json"] }

And finally, call the two functions: ndice::parse_dices and ndice::roll_dices.

fn my_func() {
  let args: Vec<String> = vec![String::from("1d6"), String::from("2d4"), String::from("1ed4")];
  let dice_in_hand = ndice::parse_dices(args).unwrap();
  let roll = ndice::roll_dices(dice_in_hand);
  println!("{}", roll);

See src/bin.rs for an example implementation.


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We love and welcome every form of contribution.

Where to start?

Here are some good places to start:


  • mktoc is used for table of content generation in the README.md (neat!)

Install dev build

Sometimes it's nice to install a specific version of ndice, this can be done with the following command:

# install specific commit
cargo install --git https://github.com/KevinGimbel/ndice--force --rev $COMMIT_ID
# install branch
cargo install --git https://github.com/KevinGimbel/ndice--force --branch $BRANCH_NAME


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MIT, see LICENSE file.


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