RUSTSEC-2019-0006 on 2019-06-15: Buffer overflow and format vulnerabilities in functions exposed without unsafe

ncurses exposes functions from the ncurses library which:

  • Pass buffers without length to C functions that may write an arbitrary amount of data, leading to a buffer overflow. (instr, mvwinstr, etc)
  • Passes rust &str to strings expecting C format arguments, allowing hostile input to execute a format string attack, which trivially allows writing arbitrary data to stack memory (functions in the printw family).





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The current version of ncurses is 6.0.0.

5.99.0 (older version) unknown

From kornelski/crev-proofs copy of

Only in debcargo (unstable). Changelog:

  • Team upload.
  • Package ncurses 5.99.0 from using debcargo 2.4.2

[ Alexander Kjäll ]

  • Fix the arm64 compliation

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