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app nc_explorer

Desktop app for viewing georeferenced netcdf files

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0.3.0 Mar 4, 2023
0.2.0 Jun 16, 2022
0.1.0 Mar 13, 2022

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NC Explorer

Tool to visualize geo-referenced data from NetCDF files.

window screenshot


Either download the binary for Windows and Linux from the Releases page

Or if you have cargo installed:

cargo install nc_explorer

Requires at least rust 1.59


Drag-and-drop files you want to plot onto the nc_explorer window, or use "open with" dialog.

Variables that have latitude and longitude in dimensions will have a Plot button next to them. Click it to see the data.


This is in a proof-of-concept stage. Please do not hesitate to create issues if something does not work or if you want to add something.

The code is in a pretty rough shape and will be re-organized, I will be accepting merge requests after that.


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