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The build packaging tool for the Nannou Creative Coding Framework

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Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.0 Apr 25, 2018

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A simple tool for packaging nannou project builds.

This tool is useful for packaging nannou projects into a named and dated architecture-specific archive for distribution. The nannou-package tool does the following:

  1. Finds the parent Cargo.toml directory.
  2. Finds the latest target/release/.
  3. Creates a "builds" directory in the project root.
  4. Creates "/name-arch-os-yyyymmdd-hhmmss/" inside "builds".
  5. Copies the /target/release/ into the new directory.
  6. Copies the assets directory into this new directory if it exists.
  7. Zips the entire new directory.
  8. Removes the new directory.

Install the nannou-package tool with the following:

cargo install nannou-package

Use the tool by changing to the project directory, running nannou-package and following the prompts. NOTE that the project must be built before running nannou-package, otherwise there will be no executable to package. In other words one of the following two commands must be run before packaging:

  • cargo build --release
  • cargo run --release


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