Cargo Features

mzdata = { version = "0.19.0", default-features = false, features = ["openblas", "netlib", "intel-mkl", "nalgebra", "parallelism", "zlib", "zlib-ng-compat", "miniz_oxide", "plotting", "mzmlb", "hdf5_static", "thermo", "doc-only", "async", "filename", "numpress"] }
default = zlib-ng-compat

The zlib-ng-compat feature is set by default whenever mzdata is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

openblas = mzsignal

Enables openblas of mzsignal

netlib = mzsignal

Enables netlib of mzsignal

intel-mkl = mzsignal

Enables intel-mkl of mzsignal

nalgebra = mzsignal

Enables nalgebra of mzsignal

parallelism = rayon

Enables parallelism of mzsignal


The zlib feature makes the code faster unoptimized, but with LTO the default algorithm is faster on tests. Odds are on real data, this will vary with the size of the data being shuttled back and forth, and on the quality of the data (de)compression.

Enables zlib of flate2

zlib-ng-compat default

Enables zlib-ng-compat of flate2


Enables rust_backend of flate2

plotting = mzsignal

Enables plotting of mzsignal

mzmlb hdf5_static? = hdf5, hdf5-sys, ndarray

Enables reading mzMLb

Affects io::mzmlb

hdf5_static = libz-sys, mzmlb

Enable compiling and statically linking HDF5, which requires building libz-sys in static mode, which conflicts with flate2/zlib-ng-compat but not flate2/zlib

Enables static and zlib of hdf5-sys

thermo = thermorawfilereader

Enables net8_0 and nethost-download of thermorawfilereader


Enables doc-only of thermorawfilereader

async = tokio

Enables async-tokio of quick-xml ^0.30


Enables support for asynchronous reading and writing from tokio's IO-Traits by enabling reading events from types implementing tokio::io::AsyncBufRead.

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

rayon parallelism?
mzsignal intel-mkl? nalgebra? netlib? openblas? parallelism? plotting?
tokio async?
hdf5 mzmlb?
hdf5-sys hdf5_static? mzmlb?
libz-sys hdf5_static?
ndarray mzmlb?
filename implicit feature

Enables filename


Get filename from a raw file descriptor

numpress implicit feature
thermorawfilereader doc-only? thermo?

Affects io::thermo