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MongoDB connector that reads and writes data to/from Apache Arrow

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MongoDB Apache Arrow Connector

A Rust library for reading and writing Apache Arrow batches from and to MongoDB.

Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.


We are curently writing this library due to a need to read MongoDB data into dataframes.


  • Read from a collection to batches
  • Write from batches to a collection
  • Infer collection schema
  • Projection predicate push-down
  • Filter predicate push-down
  • Data types
    • Primitive types that MongoDB supports
    • List types
    • Nested structs (bson::Document)
    • Arbitrary binary data


MongoDB to Apache Arrow Connector

This crate allows reading and writing MongoDB data in the Apache Arrow format. Data is read as RecordBatches from a MongoDB database using the aggregation framework. Apache Arrow RecordBatches are written to MongoDB using an insert_many into a collection.


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