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Modeling is a tools to analysis different languages by Ctags

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0.6.2 Mar 15, 2022
0.6.1 Feb 2, 2022
0.6.0 Jan 17, 2022
0.5.0 Jan 15, 2022
0.1.7 May 7, 2021

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Modeling is a tools to analysis different languages by Ctags


  1. analysis ctags
  • generate to opt
  • call ctags with opt
  • analysis ctags logs by regex
  1. generate results
  2. visual result with visualing (optional)

language support:

  • Java
  • C#
  • Cpp
  • TypeScript
  • Golang
  • Rust
  • ... others by ctags


  • modeling, generate model from source code.
  • concepting, generate concepts from source code.
  • visualing, visualization the uml.
Modeling 0.6.1

    modeling [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

    -b, --by-modules             multiple modules
    -d, --debug                  output debug information
    -f, --field-only             only load field in methods
    -h, --help                   Prints help information
        --inline-id-suffix       if class's prop end with Id and class in list, will replace `int` type to `xxClass`
    -m, --merge                  merge for same method name
    -V, --version                Prints version information
        --without-impl-suffix    if class's prop start with `IRepository` will become `Repository`
        --without-parent         without class inheritance

    -g, --grep <grep>                  by grep regex rules: for example: `.*Service` [default: ]
    -i, --input <input>                input dir [default: .]
    -o, --output-type <output-type>    support: puml, mermaid, graphviz with json [default: puml]
    -p, --packages <packages>...       filter by packages, like: `com.phodal.modeling`
    -s, --suffixes <suffixes>...       filter by suffixes, like: `java` for .java file

sample: puml to Image

convert to image: plantuml modeling.puml modeling.svg -tsvg

sample: Grep with MVC

modeling --input=/youpath/ --field-only --without-parent --grep ".*Service|.*Controller|.*Repository"

sample: with Graphviz and Visualization

with --output-type=graphviz

modeling --input=/youpath  --field-only -o graphviz --without-impl-suffix


cargo install modeling
modeling .


use modeling::{by_dir};
use modeling::render::PlantUmlRender;

let classes = by_dir("src/");
let puml = PlantUmlRender::render(&classes);

output sample:


class Animal {
  + string name
  + string constructor()

class Horse extends Animal {

class Snake extends Animal {



ctags analysis based on https://github.com/dalance/ptags with MIT, see in src

ctags parser rewrite from Golang's https://github.com/ruben2020/tags2uml with Apache License.

@ 2020~2021 This code is distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE in this directory.


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