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A TUI feed reader for RSS, Atom, and (aspirationally) Podcasts

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A TUI feed reader for RSS, Atom, and (eventually) Podcasts. VIM keybindings. Ranger-inspired interface. Configurable.

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cargo install moccasin


Since "moccasin" is hard to spell and has too many letters, the executable is just called mcsn.

mcsn [OPTIONS]


Command line arguments will override any values set in your config file for that session.

Short Long Args Description
-c --config <PATH> Set a custom config file
-s --color-scheme <COLOR_SCHEME> Set a color scheme, either built-in or a path to a custom theme file
-i --interval <INTERVAL> Set a custom refresh rate in seconds
-t --timeout <TIMEOUT> Set a custom request timeout in seconds
-n --no-cache Do not cache feeds in local file-backed database
-h --help Print help
-V --version Print version


On first boot, Moccasin will create both a database and a config file in your default config directory, which varies by platform:

Platform Value Example
Linux $HOME/.config/moccasin/ /home/alice/.config/moccasin/
macOS $HOME/Library/Application Support/com.rektsoft.moccasin/ /Users/Alice/Library/Application Support/com.rektsoft.moccasin/
Windows {FOLDERID_LocalAppData}\rektsoft\moccasin\config C:\Users\Alice\AppData\Local\rektsoft\moccasin\config

The moccasin.toml file in this directory can be edited to customize app behavior, add feeds in bulk, change the color scheme, etc. Most of these properties can be changed from within the application as well, which will write to this file. Configuration options are as follows:


Table Field Type Default Description
[sources] Table
feeds Array [] URLs of Atom/RSS feeds you wish to see in-app.
[preferences] Table
color_scheme Enum | Table "default" Either a built-in color scheme name, one of "default" | "borland" | "darcula" | "focus" | "jungle" | "matrix" | "redshift" | "wyse", or a table of values described below.
sort_feeds Enum "a-z" Order in which to list feeds, one of "a-z" | "z-a" | "newest" | "oldest" | "unread" | "custom"
cache_feeds Boolean true Whether or not to write feeds to a local database for faster startup and access. When false, the app will use an in-memory database.
refresh_interval Integer 3600 How often to refetch feeds, in seconds.
refresh_timeout Integer 5 How long to wait for each feed before aborting, in seconds.

Color Schemes

To create a custom color scheme, the color_scheme field can be declared as a table in which the keys are interface elements and the values are either a built-in ANSI color (which will inherit from your terminal emulator), a HEX color, or in InlineTable with fg and bg properties of the same type.

base = { fg = "white", bg = "#000080" }
status = { fg = "gray", bg = "#000080" }
border = "gray"
selection_active = { fg = "#000080", bg = "#fefd72" }
scrollbar = { fg = "white", bg = "gray" }

The built-in color names are

  • "white"
  • "black"
  • "red"
  • "green"
  • "yellow"
  • "blue"
  • "magenta"
  • "cyan"
  • "gray"
  • "lightred"
  • "lightgreen"
  • "lightyellow"
  • "lightblue"
  • "lightmagenta"
  • "lightcyan"
  • "lightblack" | "darkgray"

The styleable properties are all optional, inheriting sensible defaults. Available properties are as follows:

Field Default Description
base terminal default Base foreground and background colors
overlay base Modal overlays
status base The top menu bar and bottom status bar colors
selection ~base Selected list item
selection_active selection Selected list item of active panel
border border_active* Border and titles around panels
border_active base Border and title of active panel
scrollbar base Thumb (fg) and track (bg) of scrollbars

* NOTE: it is important to define border when the style it inherits (either base or border_active) is defined as a hex color, otherwise it will be difficult to know which panel is currently active.


The application uses VIM-style keybinds, but arrow keys can also be used for navigation. At the moment, the app has a NORMAL mode and a COMMAND mode. In future, you should also be able to tag and group feeds and items in GROUP mode.


Keys Description
j/k Focus next/previous item
h/l Focus previous/next panel
Enter Select current item
Esc Deselect current item/mode
Tab Cycle tabs
b/f/t View Browse/Favorites/Tags tab
r Refresh all feeds
o Open current feed/item in browser
: Enter COMMAND mode
, Open config file
? Show keybinds


Command Args Description
:a, :add <URL> Add a feed
:d, :delete [URL] Delete feed for URL, or current feed if not supplied. Removes this entry from config file and cache.
:s, :search <TEXT> Search for a feed, item, or text content


MIT © Tobias Fried


~873K SLoC