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IPC impl for creating a minidump for a crashed process

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🔥 minidumper

IPC implementation for creating a minidump for a crashed process

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This crate supplies a client and server IPC implementation for communicating between a process that may crash (client) and a monitor (server) process.

The client can communicate application-specific state via [Client::send_message], and, if a crash occurs, can use [Client::request_dump] to request a minidump be created. The [Server] uses a user implemented [ServerHandler] to handle the messages sent by the client, and provides a way to create the minidump file where a requested crash can be written to, as well as a callback when a minidump is finished writing (both on failure and success) to perform whatever additional steps make sense for the application, such as transmission of the minidump to an external HTTP service for processing or the like.


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