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an experimental GUI for inspecting minidumps with rust-minidump

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0.3.4 Jan 26, 2024
0.3.2 Jan 27, 2023
0.3.1 Sep 17, 2022
0.3.0 Aug 3, 2022
0.1.1 Jul 24, 2022

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An experimental GUI for rust-minidump based on egui.

NOTE: if building from source on linux, you may need to install the packages egui depends on.


At this point the UI is mostly at parity with minidump-stackwalk

  • raw minidump inspection (for debugging weird minidumps)
  • stackwalking (via cfi, frame pointers, and scanning)
  • symbolication (via symbol server, either using native binaries or breakpad .sym)
  • processing the minidump's metadata
  • trace logs for debugging the stackwalk

Future Functionality?

  • (on interactive branch) more responsive live results
  • (on interactive branch) log searching/sorting/filtering based on tracing spans ("give me all the info on this thread")
  • builtin hexdump viewing (we currently get some from the raw minidump printing, but it's very slow because it doesn't know where we're looking)
  • surface more random pieces of information (crash time, endianess, ...)
  • (on interactive branch) Linux* stream raw inspection (they have a weird format)
  • surface recovered arguments (currently only computed in the x86 backend, kinda jank)
  • steal some socc-pair features? (benching, fetching dumps, mocking symbol server, diffing)
  • allow the dump to be pointed at a build dir to compute local symbols?

Future Cleanups?

  • properly expand table row-heights for line-wrapping items
  • better pointer-sized-value formatting (pad 64-bit to 16 chars)
  • make more text selectable (bare labels suck for most of what we display)
  • don't make the symbol cache checkbox so terribly dangerous (will blindly delete the dir at that path, should just disable the cache)


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