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Custom simplified implementation of grep

What is grep?

Classic command line tool grep (globally search a regular expression and print).

What is milligrep?

In the simplest use case, milligrep searches a specified file for a specified string. To do so, milligrep takes as its arguments a filename and a string. Then it reads the file, finds lines in that file that contain the string argument, and prints those lines.

This project is built with Rust and uses Cargo as it's package manager.


cargo install milligrep

or Download milligrep.exe from releases


milligrep.exe 'search_string' 'path/filename.txt'

Default behavior is case-sensitive search, provide 'CASE_INSENSITIVE' environment variable with any value for case-insensitive searches.

CASE_INSENSITIVE=1 milligrep.exe 'search_string' 'path/filename.txt'

Compile from source

Clone this repo

To use

cargo run

Compile binary using

cargo build

You will find it inside 'target' dir


cargo test

No runtime deps