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An interactive command line replacer for ripgrep

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repgrep (rgr)

An interactive replacer for ripgrep.

This is an interactive command line tool to make find and replacement easy. It uses ripgrep to find, and then provides you with a simple interface to see the replacements in real-time and conditionally replace matches.

Some features:

  • ⚡ Super fast search results
  • ✨ Interactive interface for selecting which matches should be replaced or not
  • 🕶️ Live preview of the replacements
  • 🧠 Replace using capturing groups (e.g., when using /foo (\w+)/ replace with bar $1)
  • 🦀 and more!

Supported file encodings:

  • UTF8
  • UTF16BE
  • UTF16LE

Other encodings are possibly supported but untested at the moment. See this issue for more information.


After installing, just use rgr (think: rg + replace).

The arguments are:

rgr <rg arguments> # See `rgr --help` for more details

Here's an example where we ran the command:

rgr -C5 dreamcast

And have entered the replacement flycast:

demo using rgr


First and foremost, make sure you've installed ripgrep (AKA: rg). To do so see the ripgrep installation instructions.

Precompiled binaries

See the releases page for pre-compiled binaries.

Via Cargo

NOTE: The minimum Rust version required is 1.72.0.

cargo install repgrep

Via Pacman (Arch Linux)

repgrep can be installed from the official repositories using Pacman.

pacman -S repgrep

Via MacPorts (macOS)

repgrep can also be installed on macOS using MacPorts:

sudo port install repgrep

More info here.

From Source

NOTE: The minimum Rust version required is 1.72.0.

git clone https://github.com/acheronfail/repgrep/
cd repgrep
cargo install --path .

License: Unlicense OR MIT OR Apache-2.0


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