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Simple CLI client to request and manage OAuth2 tokens

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Multi Factor Authentication CLI

Simple CLI tool to request and manage OAuth2 tokens. Can be used with mbsync and msmtp to receive and send mail with providers requiring OAuth2 authentication.


  1. Install Rust, either with your package manager or using rustup
  2. Clone this repository and enter it
cd mfauth
  1. Build and install the program
cargo install --path .
  1. Test if it works by running mfauth help

If you see a command not found error, you can try putting $HOME/.cargo/bin in your $PATH.


  1. Run mfauth init to create an example configuration file in $HOME/.config/mfauth/config.toml
  2. Edit the configuration file ($EDITOR $HOME/.config/mfauth/config.toml)
  3. Run mfauth authorize <account> to get a valid session (an access and refresh token), this will save this session in $HOME/.cache/mfauth/cache.toml
  4. Run mfauth access <account> to get a valid access token, this will automatically refresh tokens if needed
  5. Configure your mail client to use XOAUTH2 authentication and use mfauth to fetch the access tokens

Once in a while this might stop working if your session expires. If that happens, you can simply run mfauth authorize <account> again and you're good to go!

Example with msmtp (sending)

A working account entry in the msmtp config using mfauth:

account microsoft
auth xoauth2
from username@outlook.com
host outlook.office365.com
passwordeval /home/user/.cargo/bin/mfauth access microsoft
port 587
tls on
tls_starttls on
tls_trust_file /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
user username@outlook.com

Example with mbsync (receiving)

Important: isync requires the cyrus-sasl-xoauth2 extension installed to support the XOAUTH2 authentication protocol.

This is an example of a working IMAPAccount block using mfauth.

IMAPAccount microsoft
AuthMechs XOAUTH2
CertificateFile /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
Host outlook.office365.com
PassCmd "/home/user/.cargo/bin/mfauth access microsoft"
Port 993
User username@outlook.com


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