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bin+lib merkle-tree-bulletin-board-backend-mysql

A mysql backend for merkle-tree-bulletin-board

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0.1.1 Feb 24, 2022
0.1.0 Nov 23, 2021

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Merkle tree Bulletin board, mysql backend

This is a mysql/mariadb based backend for the merkle-tree-bulletin-board crate.

It is partly present as a demonstration of how a sql based backend could be, but it is also usable in its own right.

A provided binary test_mysql is available; this is only for demo purposes and has no function in a production system.

I am not a SQL tuning expert; this is not as careful code as the merkle-tree-bulletin-board crate, however every operation is O(mysql single indexed operation)*O(data size) and data size is generally O(log bulletin board size). That is, no operation should take long.

How to use

Define some function to get a mysql connection to the data base such as

fn get_bulletin_board_connection() -> Conn {
    let opts = Opts::from_url(&CONFIG.database.bulletinboard).expect("Could not parse bulletin_board_url url");
    Conn::new(opts).expect("Could not connect to bulletin board database")

Then initialise the database with something such as

/// Delete all data and recreate the schema.
pub fn initialize_bulletin_board_database() -> anyhow::Result<()> {
    let mut conn = get_bulletin_board_connection();
    conn.query_drop("drop table if exists PUBLISHED_ROOTS")?;
    conn.query_drop("drop table if exists PUBLISHED_ROOT_REFERENCES")?;
    conn.query_drop("drop table if exists BRANCH")?;
    conn.query_drop("drop table if exists LEAF")?;

    let schema = merkle_tree_bulletin_board_backend_mysql::SCHEMA;

Then create a backend by something like

   let conn = get_bulletin_board_connection();
   let backend = merkle_tree_bulletin_board_backend_mysql::BackendMysql{ connection: std::sync::Mutex::new(Box::new(conn)) };


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