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The memflow win32 FFI crate provides an interface to the memflow-win32 API for C/C++. Currently a single memflow_win32.h file is generated aside from the dynamic library that can be used to interact with memflow.

This FFI library is intended to be used in combination with the memflow-ffi library.

A simple example that initializes the memflow-ffi and memflow-win32-ffi:

#include "memflow_win32.h"
#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {

	ConnectorInventory *inv = inventory_try_new();
	printf("inv: %p\n", inv);

	const char *conn_name = argc > 1? argv[1]: "kvm";
	const char *conn_arg = argc > 2? argv[2]: "";

	CloneablePhysicalMemoryObj *conn =
        inventory_create_connector(inv, conn_name, conn_arg);
	printf("conn: %p\n", conn);

	if (conn) {
		Kernel *kernel = kernel_build(conn);
		printf("Kernel: %p\n", kernel);
		Win32Version ver = kernel_winver(kernel);
		printf("major: %d\n", ver.nt_major_version);
		printf("minor: %d\n", ver.nt_minor_version);
		printf("build: %d\n", ver.nt_build_number);



	return 0;

Additional examples can be found in the examples folder as well as in the memflow-ffi crate.


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