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memflow's KVM connector and its driver

This is a connector for Kernel based virtual machines, by using a driver that maps all KVM pages into the memflow process (userspace -> userspace DMA).

memflow-kmod includes the kernel module that performs the operations.

memflow-kvm-ioctl provides a rust based IOCTL api to the kernel module.

memflow-kvm provides a memflow physical memory connector that uses the ioctl.

Setting up


Recommended way is to use memflowup.

Kernel module

Your kernel must be compiled with CONFIG_KALLSYMS=y, and CONFIG_KALLSYMS_ALL=y being set in kconfig.

Stable versions are available under releases.

Debian/Ubuntu package can be installed with sudo dpkg -i memflow-dkms_${VERSION}_amd64.deb, where VERSION is the version of the downloaded module.

For other distributions, run this command:

sudo dkms install --archive=memflow-${VERSION}-source-only.dkms.tar.gz

Manually installing


Install the connector using ./install.sh. This will compile the connector in release mode and place it under ~/.local/lib/memflow/ directory, which can then be accessed by memflow clients. Do copy out the underlying shared library to /usr/local/lib/memflow/ if you want to use it across all users.

Kernel module

Initialize submodules:

git submodule update --init

Run make. output will be placed in build/memflow.ko.


Q. I'm getting this warning:

warning: couldn't execute `llvm-config --prefix` (error: No such file or directory (os error 2))
warning: set the LLVM_CONFIG_PATH environment variable to the full path to a valid `llvm-config` executable (including the executable itself)

A. This warning is harmless and can be safely ignored.

Licensing note

While memflow-kvm-ioctl, and memflow-kvm are licensed under the MIT license, memflow-kmod is licensed only under GPL-2.

No runtime deps

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