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A comprehensive memory scanning library

scanflow boasts a feature set similar to the likes of CheatEngine, with a simple command line interface. Utilizing memflow, scanflow works in a wide range of situations - from virtual machines, to dedicated DMA hardware. While it's focused around the CLI, it can also be used as a standalone library, easy to integrate to other memflow projects. With performance being at its forefront, scanflow should be able to achieve revolutionary memory scan speeds.

Setting up

  1. Install the CLI:
cargo install scanflow-cli --version ^0.2.0-beta
  1. Optionally enable ptrace for the binary (for use with qemu):
sudo setcap 'CAP_SYS_PTRACE=ep' ~/.cargo/bin/scanflow-cli
  1. Set up connectors using memflowup

  2. Enjoy:

scanflow-cli -c qemu_procfs -p svchost.exe


This tool came to be as a result of my YouTube series detailing memflow and various memory scanning techniques. If you wish to learn more, check out the memflow-applied playlist.

memflow-applied repo is also available with snapshots of different stages of development.


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