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0.1.0 (current) Rating: Negative Thoroughness: Medium Understanding: Medium

by MaulingMonkey on 2019-08-30

API design is super brittle. Returning uninitialized memory seems like UB-bait.


File Rating Notes
src/ -1 Soundish, but unsafe as heck APIs.
.cargo-ok +1
.gitignore +1
.travis.yml +1
Cargo.toml +1 +1
Other Rating Notes
unsafe -1 Soundish, but unsafe as heck API design.
fs +1 None
io +1 None
docs +1
tests +1


Line What Notes
23 allocate This looks like it returns uninitialized memory (only sizes capacity not actual size). UB bait. Unaligned.
38 reallocate Minimal debug checks, constructs Vec from_raw_parts with size when the real vec had size 0.

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