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The de-facto tool used to communicate with the Themelio wallet daemon, melwalletd. melwallet-cli formats and send requests to the blockchain, prompting the user for when necessary. This tool aims to offer the flexibility of interacting directly with the melwalletd REST api with many additional benefits, including:

  • useful help messages
  • automatic response output formatting
  • automatic transaction preparation and request formatting

melwallet-client also provides a Rust library API, but that is currently unstable.


melwallet-client is a Rust crate, so the easiest way to install is with cargo. If not already installed, be sure to also install melwalletd:

cargo install --locked melwallet-cli melwalletd

For a quick intro to using this software, check out this quick guide on the Themelio docs page

Using melwallet-cli

To display a complete description ofmelwallet-cli's capabilities, use the --help flag

$ melwallet-cli --help


    melwallet-cli <SUBCOMMAND>

    -h, --help    Print help information

    autoswap                 Automatically executes arbitrage trades on the core, "triangular"
                                 MEL/SYM/NOM-DOSC pairs
    create                   Create a wallet
    export-sk                Exports the secret key of a wallet. Will read password from stdin
    generate-autocomplete    Generate bash autocompletions
    help                     Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
    import                   Provide a secret key to import an existing wallet
    liq-deposit              Supplies liquidity to Melswap
    list                     List all available wallets
    lock                     Locks a wallet down again
    network-summary          Show the summary of the network connected to the associated
                                 melwalletd instance
    pool                     Checks a pool
    send                     Send a transaction to the network
    send-faucet              Send a 1000 MEL faucet transaction for a testnet wallet
    send-raw                 Sends a raw transaction in hex, with no customization options
    stake                    Stakes a certain number of syms
    summary                  Details of a wallet
    swap                     Swaps money from one denomination to another
    unlock                   Unlocks a wallet. Will read password from stdin
    wait-confirmation        Wait for a particular transaction to confirm

As described above, all the functionality of the melwallet-cli/melwalletd combo are available through the use of subcommands. Taking a look inside one of the subcommands you'll see even more helpful messages

$ melwallet-cli send --help

melwallet-cli-send x.x.x
Send a transaction to the network

    melwallet-cli send [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] -w <wallet>

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

        --add-covenant <add-covenant>...    Additional covenants. This often must be specified if we are spending coins
                                            that belong to other addresses, like covenant coins
        --endpoint <endpoint>               HTTP endpoint of a running melwalletd instance [default:]
        --force-spend <force-spend>...      Force the selection of a coin
        --to <to>...                        A string specifying who to send money to, in the format
                                            "dest,amount[,denom[,additional_data]]". For example, --to $ADDRESS,1 sends
                                            1 µMEL to $ADDRESS. Can be specified multiple times to send money to
                                            multiple addresses
    -w <wallet>                             Name of the wallet to create or use

We are working all the time to make these messages as helpful as possible, if you have any suggestions please shoot us a line on matrix or discord

Basic Uses

As a thin-client of melwalletd, melwallet-cli needs access to an instance of melwalletd. The "my first transaction" tutorial touches on running melwalletd, but in short, you can either

  • run a mainnet melwalletd instance, with local state stored in ~/.wallets:
    $ melwalletd --wallet-dir ~/.wallets
  • or run a testnet melwalletd instance:
    $ melwalletd --network testnet --wallet-dir ~/.wallets

Normally, you want to connect to the mainnet in order to access "real" MEL, SYM, covenants, etc. The main benefit of using the testnet instead is the availability of unlimited "play money" from the faucet functionality, which we will shortly cover.

The rest of the documentation assumes melwalletd is running locally in the background.


$ melwallet-cli create -w test_wallet
Enter password: <your password>
Wallet name:  test_wallet (locked)
Network:      testnet
Address:      t20aexrbvnxgcpmyzbzcemv8651s40rqe0we8a33ebadyrhb87k930
Balance:      0.000000  MEL
Staked:       0.000000  SYM

As you can see here we used the create subcommand with the -w flag, short for --wallet, to create a wallet named test_wallet. This command outputs a formatted summary of the newly created wallet.

send-faucet (testnet only)

$ melwallet-cli send-faucet -w test_wallet
Transaction hash:  c55cb04275fe0d6c618a51e04eb82b1a43487b499d8cca28d5d7ec2247f5047d
(wait for confirmation with melwallet-cli wait-confirmation -w test_wallet c55cb04275fe0d6c618a51e04eb82b1a43487b499d8cca28d5d7ec2247f5047d)

When needed, 1001 fake MEL can be collected from the network using the send-faucet verb. This verb outputs the transaction hash, and a melwallet-cli command using the wait-confirmation verb.

melwallet-cli wait-confirmation -w test_wallet c55cb04275fe0d6c618a51e04eb82b1a43487b499d8cca28d5d7ec2247f5047d

If used, this command will cause the terminal to wait for a transaction to be accepted by the Themelio blockchain.


$ melwallet-cli summary -w test_wallet
Wallet name:  test_wallet (locked)
Network:      testnet
Address:      t20aexrbvnxgcpmyzbzcemv8651s40rqe0we8a33ebadyrhb87k930
Balance:      1001.000000  MEL
Staked:       0.000000     SYM

This command outputs a wallet summary for the wallet name specified by -w, test_wallet, consisting of the network this wallet belongs to, the address associated with this wallet, the balance (which contains MEL from a send-faucet transaction), and the amount of SYM staked on the network; identical to the summary produced by the verb, create


The following command sends 0.0001 MEL to t22272fg9r0k8k09qj06drzzjq9e0rw3asxfs1zrnaccwv5j6gq5tg, with the coin-associated "additional data" of 68656c6c6f20776f726c64.

$ melwallet-cli send -w testing123 --to t22272fg9r0k8k09qj06drzzjq9e0rw3asxfs1zrnaccwv5j6gq5tg,0.0001,MEL,68656c6c6f20776f726c64
Address                                                 Amount          Additional data
t22272fg9r0k8k09qj06drzzjq9e0rw3asxfs1zrnaccwv5j6gq5tg  0.000100 MEL    "68656c6c6f20776f726c64"
t22272fg9r0k8k09qj06drzzjq9e0rw3asxfs1zrnaccwv5j6gq5tg  124.999685 MEL  ""
t22272fg9r0k8k09qj06drzzjq9e0rw3asxfs1zrnaccwv5j6gq5tg  124.999686 MEL  ""
 (network fees)                                         0.000254 MEL
Proceed? [y/N] y
Transaction hash:  818336401d0d1303d182aa83926f9d0fc288e12cdbf5d473327a255babed55f6
(wait for confirmation with melwallet-cli wait-confirmation -w testing123 818336401d0d1303d182aa83926f9d0fc288e12cdbf5d473327a255babed55f6)

The --to flag of the send command might be a little confusing. It is at most four comma-separated values:

  • an address (covenant hash); in the example t22272fg9r0k8k09qj06drzzjq9e0rw3asxfs1zrnaccwv5j6gq5tg
  • the value being sent, in this case 0.0001
  • the denomination of what token is being sent, in this case MEL
  • the additional data attached to the coin that will contain the money being sent. Every coin/UTXO in Themelio has an additional data field that can be used as a covenant input, or just to attach arbitrary data to payments.

The denomination and additional data are optional, but if only one is given it must be the denomination. For example,

--to t22272fg9r0k8k09qj06drzzjq9e0rw3asxfs1zrnaccwv5j6gq5tg,0.0001

means sending 0.0001 MEL to t22272fg9r0k8k09qj06drzzjq9e0rw3asxfs1zrnaccwv5j6gq5tg with an empty additional data, while

--to t22272fg9r0k8k09qj06drzzjq9e0rw3asxfs1zrnaccwv5j6gq5tg,0.0001,SYM

means sending 0.0001 SYM to the same address, again with empty additional data.

Advanced Uses

melwallet-cli can also be used to deploy scripts, called covenants, on Themelio. Learn more about deploying covenants here.


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